One of the reasons I decided to make the move over to electronic cigs instead of the traditional options is because of the flavors. Sure, I have been smoking regular cigarettes for the better part of two decades, but sometimes it is nice to have a bit of diversity with my nicotine intake. While I have been checking out different brands to see what all is out there, I keep on coming back to Space Jam. The different flavors are not only great in the mouth, but are unique from all the other options out there. Everyone seems to have just regular grape, strawberry, chocolate or others like this. However, these are a bit more sophisticated with Space Jam than what else is out there. Although I haven’t tried all of them yet (I’m working on it), there are a few that are by far my favorite so far.



I love this flavor, especially in the summer time. There is just something that is great thanks to the light flavor. It has a few different note highlights of watermelon and honeydew with a subtle finish of bubble gum and mint. Now, none of the flavors are overpowering. That is one of the problems many other brands run into is that they try to force one flavor down and then mask the harshness with a few more subtle flavors. This is not the case here. It is light enough to not only be enjoyable but enough to make me want more every time.


Just the name brought me in and it is the flavor that brings me back. I have always enjoyed the authentic tasting fruit options and this is no different. It uses the taste of fresh strawberries and combines it with the crisp finish of Champagne. Put these two together and it is a match made in heaven. It is difficult to find two flavors that go better together than strawberry and champagne. So, for anyone who loves their cocktails with fruit, I completely recommend this option.